About Us.

The Digital Divide

St. Louis is becoming an epicenter for technology. This growth is inspiring education around technology in communities across our city at an uneven rate. Children ages 3rd – 5th living north of Delmar are disproportionately excluded from this education. Without regular access or exposure to technology, many of these children grow up with a lack of confidence around computers and the change it could bring to their lives. 

Students Learn to Code withoutCode Switching

LOOP is shifting the way kids think about technology and inspiring them to be creators. Change occurs when kids are given a pathway and vision that integrates technology into their culture. LOOP chooses volunteers and curriculum influenced by each community and its culture. 

By selecting kids who live in the same neighborhood, participants develop camaraderie and shared experiences. They go back to their neighborhood saying, “look what we can do” instead of, “look what I can do”. When kids experience a community full of support and opportunity, they are able to access the growing opportunities in our city. 


The Details


LOOP partners with neighborhood based organizations and schools.


  • 1 on-site Instructor 
  • 1 mentor per 3-5 students
  • 16 Week Session


  • Students build computers and learn 3+ coding languages 
  • Problem Solving Code Challenges
  • 3 Exposure Trips (i.e. college and tech company visits)
  • 1 out-of-state trip 
  • Computers for students to keep
  • Curriculum for continuing education 
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership (i.e. African American in Tech, Women in Tech, etc.)
  • Pipeline for Coders (i.e. connect students to partners)


NEEDED, not "needy". 

 We coined the term NEEDED, not "needy" to redefine the way people think and talk about our kids and how our kids think and talk about themselves. At LOOP, we call our financial contributors investors. We want you to give because you see the value in our kids. As a culture, we invest into the things that we believe are needed. At LOOP, we don't believe in, or receive charity. We make and receive investments because our kids are NEEDED, not "needy.