• College Campus Experience - We partner with universities to run our clubs on their site to help increase our members confidence about college
  • College Level Content - We’ve taken the Introduction to Computer Science curriculum from Washington University and scaled it back so that even the youngest member can learn concepts needed to pass an AP Computer Science Exam. 
  • Upward Mobility- Members are able to start with us in 3rd-grade and continue through our club until they graduate high school 
  • DIY Computer Kits - Members build their own computers that they’re able to take home and keep. These computers come programmed with thousands of hours of code challenges built into them so even members who don’t have internet are still able to learn from home. 
  • Relevancy & Diversity - We recruit teams from major companies like Facebook and Amazon to make sure what we’re teaching our children is relevant to where the industry is headed. We also partner with companies from the medical, architecture, design, finance, and other fields to ensure our members get a diverse understanding of what they can do with computer science skills. 
  • Year-Round - Members are able to attend club every Saturday for 2-hours all year long
  • Video Classes - For members who join late or miss a club we have a video of each lesson to ensure each of member gets the most out of our club.
  • 1:4 Ratio - We provide a coach to oversee groups of 4 to ensure our members are able to get the attention needed to thrive.