We provide our kids the opportunity to learn how to code on a college campus. This gives them the opportunity to develop a vision for their future and experience what it's like to be a college student at an early age. We believe that exposure plays a major role in the development of a child so we work to expose them to new technology, advanced computer science education, and an environment that will help them to cultivate a vision for their future. 


Currently we're in Washington University. We're hoping to partner with other universities in St. Louis such as: St. Louis University, Webster University, Fontbonne University, Harris Stowe University, and The University of Missouri St. Louis. 



STEAM. Our curriculum brings to life science, technology, engineering, art, and math and makes learning fun. The Science. Unlike most coding clubs, we focus on teaching concepts, not just programming languages because programming languages change but the concepts remain the same.  Homework. Members take home lessons and activities to reinforce what they learned in club. Digital Curriculum. We film each lesson so parents can see what their kids are learning and clubbers can catch up on lessons if they miss a club or two.  


Learn. Each class they learn a new concept taken from Washington University's Intro to Computer Science curriculum helping them to prepare for AP Computer Science as early as 3rd grade. Make. They use HTML, Javascript, Java, Swift and other programming languages to make their own creations in co-working groups (4 Members; 1 Coach) at their creation station. Play. At the end of each club our members spend time enjoying their creations and sharing them with their friends. 



Vetted. All of our club volunteers (Instructors and Coaches) must pass background checks before working with kids. Trained. They're trained on child safety, anti-bullying, and best practices on implementing our curriculum. Diverse. We believe that it is important for our clubbers to learn from people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. Fun. We hand select volunteers who will bring our curriculum to life and inspire kids to be creators. We're a club not a class...and clubs are meant to be fun. 


Our goal is to provide tech education, experiences, and exposure for our students starting in 3rd grade and walking alongside them through high-school. Each year our club becomes a little more challenging but we also know that there's also a benefit to repetition when teaching kids something like computer science. Clubbers take "Intro to Computer Programming" until their in 5th grade. Then, starting in 6th grade they take "Applied Programming" until high-school. High-school clubbers are prepared for college and employment. Their main focus is to pass the AP Computer Science exam.