Full Time Instructors


Chris Sims, Instructor & CO-FOUNDER

Chris is a tech entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Chris is also a Washington University in St. Louis Computer Science graduate. 


Sherea Dunlap, Instructor & Executive Director

Sherea Dunlap began teaching in Baltimore City after earning a Master's Degree from University of Maryland, College Park. On moving to St. Louis, Sherea began a six-year career teaching upper elementary and middle school at St. Louis independent schools: Community School and City Academy. At Create a Loop, Sherea's focus is on bringing AP Computer Science and Washington University of St. Louis college level course material to Create a LOOP's elementary, middle and high school curriculum.


Jesse Kemling 

Jesse discovered PC gaming when he was 3 years old, sparking a lifelong love of computer hardware/software. After graduating from SEMO with his bachelor's in German Education, he decided to make a switch to STEM. Jesse went on to pioneer YEStech, the Technology Component of the Saint Louis Science Center's YES Program. Here he developed and taught a wide array of subjects: coding, microcontrollers, 3D printing, PC building, multimedia production, and more. Jesse likes to spend his free time PC gaming, playing music with his band, filming commercials for local businesses, and learning about new technology from his favorite YouTubers. He is currently starting his last semester at Fontbonne University, where he pursues a master's in Instructional Design & Technology.


Part-Time & Volunteer Instructors

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Matt Sims- Sound Engineering

In addition to teaching Create a Loop students, Matt's studio Audius Prime provides sound design, noise correction, audio and music recording as well as audio production services for the podcast "Blinders Off".

Sherrie Sims - Graphic Design

Sherrie teaches logo and web design using Adobe Creative Suite, Javascript, HTML and CSS. 


Create a Loop Board Members

David Karandish, CoFounder & President of Board of Directors
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David Karandish, CoFounder & President of Board of Directors

David Karandish is the Cofounder and Chairman of Equity.com and Chief Executive Officer of AI Software. Prior to starting Equity, David was the former CEO of Answers Corporation. 

Chris Sims, CoFounder & Board Vice President of Board of Directors

Chris is a tech entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He has served as David’s business partner. Chris is also a Washington University in St. Louis Computer Science graduate. 

Darren Jackson, CoFounder & Board Member

Darren Jackson is an entrepreneur and social influencer. He's helped to start training and education programs across the country as well as worked as a consultant. Some of his clients/partners have included: New York Times Invisible Child with author Andrea Elliot, OC United, SLAM! Agency, Johego, Serving With The Badge, and Lindsay Patton and Co. He also has a background in the entertainment industry having landed partnerships and sponsorships from Soundcloud, Mountain Dew, and MTV. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Coder Vets.